lunes, 31 de marzo de 2008

Tampico is like New York City #1

I've always thought that Tampico it's like New York City, well in very different sizes, but the same, we have our own Central Park (which is getting better thanks to the promotion and the investment of the actual governorship on it) called "Laguna del Carpintero" [Carpenter's Lagoon] we also have our own Saint Patrick's Church, The Cathedral of Tampico, I love its interior, it's bigger and it's amazing every detail on the ceiling I mean it's like Cathedral of Tampicowatching the space and see all the stars clearly, all the images of saints, sculptures on the faҫade and the mural at the top of the entrance, those two columns and the english clock in one of them is very stylish that totally amazing. Both cities are surrounded by a river, in the case of New York City there is the Hudson River, and here in Tampico City we have de Panuco River.

I've never been in Manhattan (not yet) but I can think of lots more similarities between NYC and Tampico, the Barrio Chino here in Tampico it's like China Town in NYC.Pepito

We don't have a Liberty Lady to receive our visitors, but at least we have "Pepito el Terrestre" to keep oneself amused, actually I've noticed that there are lots of new statues in Downtown, unfortunately I don't have pictures to prove this but I remember all of them, there are two in the main street, the one which is in front of Sears, we have "Pepito el Terrestre" on The Plaza de Armas and at the Plaza de la Libertad (Liberty Square) we have a Soldier as in a position ready to attack, there is also the statue of Humphrey Bogart in front of

this famous square in some kind of tribute to the movie "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" filmed in Tampico (at least a few scenes), more recently the statue of Porfirio Díaz (former president of México) in the balcony of a café in front of the same square. All this statues all over the city reminds me to the ones placed in Manhattan, at Central Park.

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