lunes, 31 de marzo de 2008

Translator's Tools

  Salut! I want to talk about what makes my life as a translator easier. As you may know I'm a Freelance Translator, I'm in my early days as a translator so I'm still learning a lot of translation stuff and tips that makes me do my work faster and accurately, since I gain more experience DSC00494 on how-to do translations  I decided that I needed a better PC in which I could have the latest programs for helping me to translate and do it on time for the deadline.

I had a few months waiting for buy me a Lap but a trip to Guanajuato came up, so I had to save that money for the trip, the tickets, the hotel, but ... something happened and I couldn't  make it to Guanajuato so I stayed in Tampico, since I got frustrated because all my plans about visiting and staying in Guanajuato fell down, then I thought about something to forget about that and I went to the stores and look for a LapTop to buy me, so I did it, I went to a few department stores and I chose a Laptop as a gift to recover me from that fail.

   It actually works very good and it has been the best thing I could ever bought me, I already have a Desktop PC  in my house and I used to surf the net every time I wanted, but having a Laptop makes all the difference, it has some awesome tools and works like magic, it has a webcam, a 160 HDD, DVD Drive, it's faster, and I can take it everywhere (which I do every time I need to continue  with my work) this is the be-all-and-end-all, every time I need something I discover that my PC can help me with it, sounds like I have a Laptop crush (LOL!), but it's true... well stop talking about my computer and let's continue with my other tools that make my life as a freelance translator easier...

    There in the picture you can DSC00516see my All-in-One HP Photosmart which is the latest purchase I did and it's totally helpful, sometimes I scan a whole document and that way I don't have to carry the papers with me anymore, because I can check the digital document instead.

By now I'm trying to get a BlackBerry Pearl by Iusacell and that way I could have access to the internet everywhere, which is a good way to stay in touch with people that may ask for a translation via e-mail

...I want to thank my old PC because of its help, it has seen better days but now with my Laptop, I don't use it anymore...

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