lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009

Last lasts.

I'm in the last year of my major so I'm on my last lasts, my last Spelling Bee Contest, my last Halloween Costume Contest, my last February 14th with my friends and soon my last Week LII.

All I can do is try to enjoy each day as if the last one, because actually it'll be the lasts ones.

viernes, 23 de mayo de 2008

Historia de un letrero. Tampico en Cannes

Au total, 650 cinéastes de 40 pays ont soumis leur film à la Compétition en ligne de l'ONF lorsqu'ils se sont inscrits au Short Film Corner de Cannes. Le spécialiste en court métrage Danny Lennon, responsable de la programmation de la compétition en ligne cette année, a sélectionné les neuf meilleurs films que vous avez eu l'occasion de visionner sur le site pendant la période du vote international, du 9 au 19 mai. Ce mini-festival proposait des œuvres éclectiques — animation, scènes réelles, comédie, tragédie et drame — réalisées par des cinéastes de France, d'Allemagne, des Pays-Bas, de Roumanie, du Mexique, des États-Unis et du Canada.
Et le gagnant est... And the winner is... Y el ganador es...
Alonso Alvarez Barreda
por su cortometraje
Duración : 4m50s
Año : 2007
País : Mexico
I really liked this video, this square its one of my favorite places in the city.
Aunque callo un poco en el cliché de hacer tomas a las palomas, la ardilla, palmeras etc, me encanto el video y su mensaje.

jueves, 24 de abril de 2008

Journée mondiale du Théâtre, 27 mars 2008 World Theatre Day, March 27th 2008

I want to share this video, it is very special for me, I've seen it so many times because the place where it was filmed it's a very special place for me, I use to spend a lot of time there, that's the place when me and my friends used to go when we skip classes when I was in highschool, and it's a place where I go sometimes with my cousins and we sat there to chat with my aunt who is in USA by using my laptop, anyway I have so many memories of this square. It's the one that appears at the beginning of the video, where is a pink Kiosk.
If you speak Spanish you'll understand what they're talking about but if you don't let me explain you what is about, it's a celebration of the WORLD THEATRE DAY which was created in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute (ITI). It is celebrated annually on the 27th March by ITI Centres and the international theatre community. Various national and international theatre events are organized to mark this occasion. Since last year in Tampico there's some kind of parade which starts at Plaza de Armas and finishing at Espacio Cultural Metropolitano which organizes this event.
I couldn't put the video in my blog but here's the link of the report of the event, so you can watch it:

Une nuit, dans des temps immémoriaux, un groupe d’hommes s’étaient rassemblés dans une carrière pour se réchauffer autour d’un feu et se raconter des histoires. Quand tout à coup, l’un d’eux eut l’idée de se lever et d’utiliser son ombre pour illustrer son récit. En s’aidant de la lumière des flammes, il fit apparaître sur les murs de la carrière des personnages plus grands que nature. Les autres, éblouis, y reconnurent tour à tour le fort et le faible, l’oppresseur et l’oppressé, le dieu et le mortel.

De nos jours, la lumière des projecteurs a remplacé le feu de joie initial et la machinerie de scène, les murs de la carrière. Et n’en déplaise à certains puristes, cette fable nous rappelle que la technologie est à l’origine même du théâtre et qu’elle ne doit pas être perçue comme une menace, mais comme un élément rassembleur.

La Guarda's re-opening on April 25th @ 8:oo pm (besides Casa de la Cultura, Tampico)
"The theatre of the Shadows", Alternative Theatre's Voice.
Be there!

Nobody likes Emos

Nobody likes nobody, you can't be a little bit different or you'll be segregated, that's not only happening with Emos this has been happening since a long time ago, but it just have been changing from one social groups to another, discrimination it's as old as the life in the world can be, there's not a fight against them because they "think that everything in life sucks and they think they got lot of issues" they don't. If they look depressed it's just the way they show to the world, actually I have Emo friends, and believe me, they're not all the time under depression, and on the other hand I have "normal"( try defining normal) friends who also feel depressed sometimes, they may suffer more, because they don't express it and they don't give themselves a time to heal... we all have issues and we think our problems are the worst than can happen to someone in life, but guess what, other's problems are as bad as ours.
What if they're just a mix of some other crews, I mean in a world where everything may be already created, what can some new groups do to trying to be different, and if you think they took some features from other groups, well those groups also took something from some others, it's the same no one created nothing new, it was already created.
If you think you're in the mood to discriminate someone, look at yourself in the mirror and they try it, you'll notice there's a feature in you as discriminatory as any other.
I'm not telling you discrimination is good, No! I'm telling you to think of yourself instead of trying to look what others are doing wrong.

viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

What to ask to a Mexican and how to do it.

With this every day more and more globalized world, you can find someone from the other side of the world, just around the corner, well Mexicans love to travel, I'm sure you've seen one, you've met one, or maybe you married one! (Good choice).
If you haven't had the chance to meet one boy or girl from México here I give you a little questionnaire for you who live out of this beautiful country for the time you met a Mexican, this are some good questions to do, you'll find very interesting stuff in each answers (every Mexican know this answers).
How many tortillas you eat per day? Why?
How many Coca-Cola you drink per day?
Have you ever sang Paquita la del Barrio's songs? Which one do you prefer?
What is "El canal de las estrellas"?
Ask him/her to sing you a "ranchera" song.
What is a "tamarindo" and a "mordida"?
Who's "La Llorona"?
What happened always at Sundays on the 90's?
What's on TV every Sunday morning on channel 4?
Ask him to sing "Oh oh Digo yo"
For today it's enough, I'll give you more questions next time, so you can get to know more about México.

(Not so) Famous (Not) Last (I hope) Words

This course on my major is ending, "Time flies when you have fun" even though I may not have thousands of posts on my blog, I really enjoyed doing this as a School task, it really worked for me, since I started posting I've been improving my writing skills, and looking for some new words to use on my compositions, I even downloaded a software to help me with the posting process to make it faster and easier.
Maybe I'm not ready for writing a novel, but at least I've improved so much since January, what my ESL Teacher told me was (obviously) true, a fact, there's nothing like practice in order to improve.
I don't know how's going to be my next ESL course on my major, I may not going to have the same teacher, but I hope to have a very experienced and proficient professor as the one I had this semester.
I'm not going to quit posting, I've seen lots of blogs left behind on the Internet, they look like trash while I'm surfing the Internet, I'm sure I don't want to do the same with my blog, that's why I've decided to keep posting even if it's also in Spanish it's ok for me, maybe one day I'll start doing it in french.

How long since you don´t...?

How long since you don't go to the theatre? How long since you don't give you the chance to appreciate a play? How long since you don't experiment all that magic growing on stage?
This time you have the chance to experiment lots of feelings, let me tell you about this work, "El Bigote" (de esta clase de amores...) produced by Demiurgos Theatre Company, it's the story of a couple, which rely on each other, they became a couple which are only interested on looking good, on being beautiful, as if they became oneself, both looking for the same, both hiding something.... something that you'll discover on 19th april, at Casa de la Cultura Tampico, you can't miss this chance to see a different way of looking yourself as a couple, even if you're single it'll make you think about the way you look at other couples.
What does a mustache mean to you?
Manhood? virility?
This play is everything but that, in this case you may think everything is wrong, but it's not, maybe you'll discover there's no more Adam and Eve's couple type nowadays, the couple of this act fights against some things that not all couples fight against, but believe me, they're not that much different from other couples you already know, or the kind of person you are when you're with your partner.
The Demiurgos Theatre Company's slogan is "Creadores de Mundos Escénicos", which describes them so accurately and with "El Bigote", its opera prima, the group will show to everyone what they're made of, working hard on the rehearsals, and with excellent performances, this play will give you the chance to criticize their work. I can't tell you how it ends, you'll have to give it a shot, so be there on 19th April, at Casa de la Cultura Tampico, at 7:40 pm.

You won't regret.