viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

What to ask to a Mexican and how to do it.

With this every day more and more globalized world, you can find someone from the other side of the world, just around the corner, well Mexicans love to travel, I'm sure you've seen one, you've met one, or maybe you married one! (Good choice).
If you haven't had the chance to meet one boy or girl from México here I give you a little questionnaire for you who live out of this beautiful country for the time you met a Mexican, this are some good questions to do, you'll find very interesting stuff in each answers (every Mexican know this answers).
How many tortillas you eat per day? Why?
How many Coca-Cola you drink per day?
Have you ever sang Paquita la del Barrio's songs? Which one do you prefer?
What is "El canal de las estrellas"?
Ask him/her to sing you a "ranchera" song.
What is a "tamarindo" and a "mordida"?
Who's "La Llorona"?
What happened always at Sundays on the 90's?
What's on TV every Sunday morning on channel 4?
Ask him to sing "Oh oh Digo yo"
For today it's enough, I'll give you more questions next time, so you can get to know more about México.

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Zinar Ala dijo...

Nice article, me he gustado mucho. pero desconozco la canciones.
Un saludo globalizado kurdo DE Castilla La Mancha.