jueves, 24 de abril de 2008

Nobody likes Emos

Nobody likes nobody, you can't be a little bit different or you'll be segregated, that's not only happening with Emos this has been happening since a long time ago, but it just have been changing from one social groups to another, discrimination it's as old as the life in the world can be, there's not a fight against them because they "think that everything in life sucks and they think they got lot of issues" they don't. If they look depressed it's just the way they show to the world, actually I have Emo friends, and believe me, they're not all the time under depression, and on the other hand I have "normal"( try defining normal) friends who also feel depressed sometimes, they may suffer more, because they don't express it and they don't give themselves a time to heal... we all have issues and we think our problems are the worst than can happen to someone in life, but guess what, other's problems are as bad as ours.
What if they're just a mix of some other crews, I mean in a world where everything may be already created, what can some new groups do to trying to be different, and if you think they took some features from other groups, well those groups also took something from some others, it's the same no one created nothing new, it was already created.
If you think you're in the mood to discriminate someone, look at yourself in the mirror and they try it, you'll notice there's a feature in you as discriminatory as any other.
I'm not telling you discrimination is good, No! I'm telling you to think of yourself instead of trying to look what others are doing wrong.

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