viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

How long since you don´t...?

How long since you don't go to the theatre? How long since you don't give you the chance to appreciate a play? How long since you don't experiment all that magic growing on stage?
This time you have the chance to experiment lots of feelings, let me tell you about this work, "El Bigote" (de esta clase de amores...) produced by Demiurgos Theatre Company, it's the story of a couple, which rely on each other, they became a couple which are only interested on looking good, on being beautiful, as if they became oneself, both looking for the same, both hiding something.... something that you'll discover on 19th april, at Casa de la Cultura Tampico, you can't miss this chance to see a different way of looking yourself as a couple, even if you're single it'll make you think about the way you look at other couples.
What does a mustache mean to you?
Manhood? virility?
This play is everything but that, in this case you may think everything is wrong, but it's not, maybe you'll discover there's no more Adam and Eve's couple type nowadays, the couple of this act fights against some things that not all couples fight against, but believe me, they're not that much different from other couples you already know, or the kind of person you are when you're with your partner.
The Demiurgos Theatre Company's slogan is "Creadores de Mundos Escénicos", which describes them so accurately and with "El Bigote", its opera prima, the group will show to everyone what they're made of, working hard on the rehearsals, and with excellent performances, this play will give you the chance to criticize their work. I can't tell you how it ends, you'll have to give it a shot, so be there on 19th April, at Casa de la Cultura Tampico, at 7:40 pm.

You won't regret.

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