jueves, 13 de marzo de 2008

Are You Ready For Spring Break??

Well, here in Tampico we have our personal way to celebrate the beginning of Spring Break, you guys from Tampico should have heard about the "Playazo", I'm pretty sure that if you're from Tampico, or you've been living here for a while, you have went to the beach on the last day of classes previous to the Spring Break (here in México called Semana Santa), and this year starts since March (according to the Wednesday's Ashes and something else that I really don't understand why it starts on a different date each year... I'll Google it later)

Everybody who's planning to go to the beach tomorrow, should take into account how is going to skip their classes and hide it from their parents, actually is a well-known secret by all the parents that their sons & daughters no matter if they're from high school, or college, they are going to try to skip their classes to go to the beach, this is like a celebration which has a few years (well, maybe it's older), I don't even remember how it made so famous than almost any school has students on this day (and there are some schools that don't work on this day), because the "Playazo" consists in skipping only the last day of classes for going just to the beach, so you might imagine how is the beach full of guys and girls, some of them even ask for a permission to their parents LOL, since it gain more and more famous or, to speak more accurately, promotion, more students come to the beach that day every year, and that's why the Madero City Police Department has increased the security of the Boulevard, because you know what happens when you gather beer and young people.

Well not all in the "Playazo" is bad, there are also people having fun without needing alcohol, some of them just play, dance, eat like in a picnic, or walk around.

On the previous day (today) everyone calls you to know whom you're going with, where you're going to stay at the beach, or where are you going after. Who knows... maybe there'll be a day when you'll be able to buy postcards with the legend "Have a nice Playazo" or something like that, because it seems like this event becomes more and more famous, and a lot of people from Monterrey and another cities come to the Miramar beach on this day just to celebrate with loud music, beer and sometimes food. So I invite you to come to Madero City this March 14th to start the Spring Break, if you want to have fun and meet thousands of people. 

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