jueves, 7 de febrero de 2008

My Top 5 of the best antidepressants.

I want to share with you The Top Five of the best Antidepressants that I know, and notice that Prozac and Valium aren't included here, actually I don't believe in medicines to cure something like depression. Everything is in our minds, and we can control our own body, and get what we want for our lifes. Try it!!

Well here we go...On the number Five If you like going out at night you're like me, once you get ready to go out at night to your favorite club, you already feel it. In my own case I start feeling different and I can even feel the energy and the emotion of going out with friends or whoever, once you're at the club, the music makes you move and forget about everything, I don't even need any drink to feel excited and keep it going all night long.

On the number Four of my top list, there is an afternoon doing gardening work, I used to garden early in the morning and I spend at least 30 minutes in gardening and in evening 15 minutes for watering all the plants I have it at my frontyard and backyard, I feel good when I have done it,I love the fresh air, I love working with my hands and making things grow.

In the middle of this list, on the number Three is the amazing SUNLIGHT, it may sound ridiculous but it's true, if you feel like you need some little bit of energy you just need to turn off TV, stop a bit with your work or house chores and go out to take a deep breath and feel the sunlight in all your skin and instantly you'll feel how the energy of the sun makes you feel better, this is totally true, haven't you notice what happens with a plant when doesn't catch enough sunlight for a few days... well that's the same that happen to us, If you lack sufficient sunlight on your skin, you will suffer terrible health effects, including depression, osteoporosis, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and even schizophrenia. That's because the human body was designed to be exposed to sunlight on a frequent basis. So in case you can't visit go to the beach for a few hours, at least take a break and go outdoors. Don't you believe me? Then check this.

On my number Two of this list I consider that have a long chat with a closer friend, there's nothing you can hide to your best friend, at least I think like this, once I gather with my best friend, I can tell him everything, it's good to have someone who cheers you up when you feel so blue.

And finally, Workout is on the top of my list... There's nothing better than workout on the mornings, once I've started my day running in the park, or going to the gym, there's nothing that can let me down during the whole day, I don't even know how to describe the sensation I had after finish my rutine every day. The whole day seems to be totally amazing, I can face anything after my daily Workout session. Actually I'm not the only one who consider workout as a good antidepressant, check this.

Have you ever tried any of these?

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jazzman58 dijo...

Your writing is very good but there are some minor mistakes you have to take care of. Also, you have some misspelled words. Your message gets accross but it would be better if you avoid those mistakes.
Besides, you have to write twice a week, remember?
You might end up doing 15 hours in the SAC, is that what you want?