martes, 19 de febrero de 2008

Ctrl + Z

     I'm the kind of guy which prefers to spend his time in front of the PC rather that watching TV, that's why I bought me a LapTop and I'm totally sure that's why I need lenses. Yes, I like to spend my free time on the internet doing a lot of things and by now I have a blog, a Myspace, my own web site, my account on Flickr, YouTube, Polyglot, Hi5, Facebook, Google, My Yahoo, Hotmail, Messenger, MSN Live and  subscriptions to the New York Times, Men's Health, Tampico Cultural, Play Montreal, BBC languages, MSN Groups, I even have a Metroflog which I deem as a waste of time if you take into account that you can only upload a picture a day! ...well this time I'm not going to write about that, I'll complain about it later.

    The thing is that I've spent a lot of time using a computer for translating, editing pictures, sending e-mails, chatting with pen pals, doing my homework, listening to music, watching videos, surfing the web, and everything you can work on with a computer I've done it, so I'm very used to the using of tools and shortcuts to make it easier my working on a computer and sometimes a unusual thing happens to me, as you may know, when you make a mistake when working with the computer you just push keyboards Ctrl and Z and your mistake is gone, as if it has never happened,  Wouldn't you like to be able to do this on the real life? By just pushing a bottom redo something...

   I mean sometimes I think of it and I wish it could be possible, there was a time when I was talking with someone face to face and then I call her by the name of his not-best-friend and I was so ashamed that I could only think of   "Ctrl + Z" ... obviously nothing happened, I have to face what I've done.  Let's think  of another example... once I was very hungry, and then I started cooking some pancakes, a minute later my cell phone rang and I went to answer the call, It took me too much time talking on the phone that the pancake got burned and I instantly said to myself  "Ctrl + Z"... God, I was so hungry!

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