martes, 26 de febrero de 2008

Book Report

   I read  Se Reanuda  la Actuación by Richard Deming, it's a story about  Juan and Juanita whom used to be part of a circus with an acrobatic performance until he had an accident and his legs got broken, they used to be called “The Chabanellas” but since the accident he is in on a wheelchair, and they work doing a show of psychic, where Juan reads the mind of his audience, they’re doing this to earn enough money for an operation for Juan which is going to help him walk one more time.  There is also Mack a 40 years old man, strong, and with a sinister face, Carl Bremer who is the innkeeper of the hotel, a strong, and old man, owner of the Mercer (the hotel where the Chabanellas are staying) and Helen Bremer a slim, intelligent, and mature women, married with Carl.

   When Juanita Chabanella discovers the treat between Carl, Helen, and Mack in the kitchen of the  Mercer Hotel, the conflict begins because they are not going to let her go without first make sure that Juanita is not going to tell what she knows to the police. Juan tries to make a deal with them, if Mack let them go they won’t say nothing to the police but they will have to give a part of the money to Juan and Juanita, a part of the money that Kleinbeck paid for free his little son Freddy, who was kidnapped by Carl, when they left the room, Juanita looks for a telephone but there are telephone in her room so she ask Juan a coin for the telephone which is in the aisle of the hotel in her same floor, so she left the room looking for the telephone and then she dials 911, but before she can talk with the police, Helen takes the fire axe which is at the other side of the aisle, and breaks the telephone, giving the chance to Juanita of running to her room and lock the door after her,

   Then while Mack and Carl were trying to break into the room, Juanita dresses up with her old acrobatic suit and look for a cable to jump to, after the approbation of Juan, she sits in the edge of the window and by the time Mack opens the door and he and Carl enter to the room and Juanita jumps to the nearest cable, then they get closer to the window to see what happened, and they see Juanita hanging of the cable, and then she jumps to the floor and fells without any difficult. Just in time the police came and Juanita tells them what had happened, that was the signal that make Mack and Carl run from the Chabanella’s room trying to escape, and this is the end of the story.

   It’s a nice story with an unpredictable ending, I think it could have a better ending or a more interesting plot, the author left me with the idea of what could have happened after Juanita could tell to the police everything she had passed trough while she and her husband were kidnapped by Mack and Carl, what happened with Juan’s leg operation? Did the police caught Mack, and Carl?

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