martes, 12 de febrero de 2008

I really like blogging.

Actually I like to have a blog, it is a very useful tool and since I have my own blog, now I'm trying to meet people with the same interests on translation and languages that I have and whom also have a blog.

I like to write about anything... I may consider myself as a "natural" writer, I like to write about what's happening in my life, write about how I'm dealing with problems, about people, the developing of my new ideas.. everything.

What I like the most is to read the things I wrote on the last years, because it's like see myself from a different perspective,

I think I will not stop blogging for a while. There are so many blogs left in the Internet, it looks to me like buildings which are not finished yet, like a structure that was left after the construction started. I guess it depends on your motivation for maintaining a blog and what it's about, because if you don't have nothing interesting to talk about, you'll quit with it soon. I write mine for a very basic and personal reason: to keep track of the things that interest me. They may not be interesting to anybody else. If other readers find my blog worth-visiting, I feel flattered. I do my best every time I write a new post, I mean I want it to look good and to make it interesting... well, I don't spend thousand hours a day on it, because there are other things that I need to do, and this is only a blog after all, it is not the New York Times, I mostly do it on my free time, I try to make each post interesting and easy-to-read.

Since I started whit this blog as a school task, I've been reading a lot, I've been reading more and more, not only about grammar rules but about languages, science, health, history, literature, and a tons of other topics that across my path when surfing the web, and when something new come up to me, I look for it's meaning and usage, and then I add it into my own glossary, that's the best way I know to improve my vocabulary, because there are some things that people from America use a lot when they speak, but that will never appear on a ESL book no matter how modern or actualized it is.

Keep on blogging!!!

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