viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008

I think I'm good at learning languages

Since I earn more fluency on my English, French was my first attempt at speaking another  language. Of course, being in Tampico I knew it was going to be a little bit hard, because I wasn't going to have the same exposure to French language that I have with English, so I enrolled into a French course at my college.  My teacher has been very effective in maintaining interest in the language, and I've been having a good time learning French during this weeks, I've only been studying for three weeks because my course started in January, and I take classes only on Saturdays, I know I'm learning a lot, when my class finishes I'm just waiting for it during the whole week. I decided to take French because I liked the language and I wanted to use all those teaching methods and techniques that I've learn at my college with myself, by keep on learning French being my own teacher when I'm not at class.

I'm also trying to catch courses and tips of learning french from the Internet, has been a very useful tool, and I've found myself some other good websites with interesting information, such as, which is in english and is  not from france, but gives me a lot of facts about the living of the french community in Montreal, has some lessons for beginners in the language, has a lot of podcasts about many topics in french, I've tried the local radio podcasts, it's awesome, you must try it!... I'll give you some others on a next post...

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jazzman58 dijo...

Aurelio, if you can help me out to use those tools for making this blog thing faster for me to check I'll be really grateful.
Just let me know when this could be possible and I think we can check it in the SAC.
Your blog now looks better, I think you're doing great now. Congratulations!