domingo, 17 de febrero de 2008

My personal beliefs about superstitions

I can handle not checking my horoscope in the morning and I still can have a perfect day without worrying me about it, there are some other things that can take my day out of order but not missing my horoscope of the day, I'm not very superstitious but...well there is something that I believe in very bad,  DON'T TALK ABOUT MY FUTURE PROJECTS WITH OTHERS, it may sounds ridiculous but I avoid to do it, every time I tell to others about what I'm into, my plans never get done!, I don't care about cats walking toward me, or breaking mirror, I don't have any problem with that but when talking about my plans getting undone, that really upsets me.

I don't have a very scientific thinking but there are some silly things that I don't believe in such as wear amber beads around the neck to be protected against illness, gee! how could that  be possible?? I'm very critical, I'm always trying to see both sides of a situation and that's what think makes me the less superstitious.

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