jueves, 24 de enero de 2008

Je ne parle pas français.

HI there's something I wanted to say to all of my classmates, I'm trying to enrol me in a language course, you guys know I love learning languages and I hope one day I can translate from any language to spanish, and now there's a chance to study at the new UAT's language center.By now I'm gonna try french.

Have you heard that thing about languages whichsays quotes: English is for doing business, German is for doing the war, French is for making love, and Spanish is for talking to God. Well I've heard it before and I already know I had made lots of business by using english and translating this and that from english into my own language, I don't like to fight but I know I want to try german one day, I had have so many good times talking with God... and... well french, it's seems to be time to try french.

...and do you speak french?

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