miércoles, 23 de enero de 2008

I´m not ready for this semester... Not yet.

Actually I think I shouldn't be going to school this weeks, I mean it's not school time for me yet, and not for this school. I had planned to start this new year in a different city, and in a different university, but there was no chance to go to that other city and study there. So after making all those projects for my new university, I think my "mind" went there, but my body had have to stayed here. That´s why I'm not concentrated on anything these days. I really wanted to go there and study the way they do it in that university and live in another different "movie set" but I couldn't make my change to that university, so I'm still living here in Tampico... and all my goals/dreams/wishes/ and stuff for that "movie set" just break down. It's a shame but i'll recover my energy soon 'cause I also had planned a lot of things to achieve if I was going to stay in Tampico, actually I made both "agendas/schedules" one for Guanajuato and the other one for Tampico, I've started using my "Agenda Tampico" , but I'm still thinking in Guanajuato as well.

I hope to receive soon via Fedex or DHL my "mind" . Fingers crossed...

I'll fisnish telling you about this story...I'm late for school.

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