domingo, 27 de enero de 2008

Feel comfortable. That's all that matters.

I totally agree with that statement, actually I think there's no other way for me to choose my clothes when I go to shop at the stores.

Even though I hate to go shopping clothes, I choose it by thinking on being comfortable, I don't care if it's the latest fashion or if it has a discount, it just has to fit perfect on me and I most feel comfortable or I won't buy it, and that's why I don't like to receive cloth on my birthday or X-mas, and if someone gifts me something that I don't like to wear, I prefer to give it to someone else instead, I'm not gonna wear something which is not gonna make me feel comfortable, no way!.

There's no need to dress up with the latest fashion if you're not gonna enjoy the moment, 'cause I think one dresses up just 4 go out and have fun, not only for being watched. As you can notice, I'm not a Fashion victim, I like to look good, but without sacrifyicing my comfortability, as I told you before, I really like to look good everytime I go out at night, just like everybody else, but without spending too much time on looking for the perfect set of cloth, trying with the latest fashion or spending too much money on buying menswear. That's not the way I'm.

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