jueves, 31 de enero de 2008

I Love New York

I really love this cosmopolitan, noisy and crowded city, maybe that's what I like the most, I have a dream, as soon as I finish my degree, I want to go and live there and stay until I die, I've heard things about missing this and that from my hometown, but who cares! As soon as I enjoy my stay there and get my own piece of New York.

I don't want to run away from Tampico, No way!! Actually I also love Tampico city, I know DSC03928there's no other place where I'd rather would have liked to be born, but New York Tampico, I mean it! it's the safest city I know... I've lived and heard things and stories about some other places, and cities bigger than Tampico, and they're not as safe as Tampico is, and those other little cities which are safe, it's because they're so boring. Tampico has lots of options to go out at night, eventhough everything is closed after 4 am, but one here always has the beach as an option to keep partying.17-03-07_1700

There are many restaurants, clubs, live music & video bars, stores, parks, hotels, cinemas, colleges, and lots of places to visit in this city, from the Metropolitan Park, the Old Canseco Hospital, the Tampico's Historical Downtown, Liberty Square, The Arms' Square, The Cathedral of Tampico, Miramar Beach (which actually is in Cd. Madero only a few minutes away from Tampico's Historical Downtown).

Tampico seems to have it all in one place, it can be as crowded as New York, as peaceful as Hawaii, as romantic as Paris, and as fun as Las Vegas. Definitaley I'm glad I was b0rn here in Tampico.

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